Avo & Bacon Toasts | The Recipe


When you’re not a breakfast person it can be difficult to find options that are healthy and appetising without being totally boring – porridge anyone?

Most mornings I don’t have time to potter about the kitchen making breakfast so I usually take crumpets or teacakes to toast when I get into work, but on weekends I relish in spending time cooking up a hearty brunch after a much-needed lie in. I tried avocado for the first time a couple of months ago, and now like most people I’m obsessed. Avocado with prawns, avocado with chicken, avocado with eggs – the list goes on!

I looked in my fridge this morning to find something tasty to rustle up, and there it was – avocados that had to be eaten up today and an unopened pack of unsmoked streaky bacon. A quick and simple breakfast that anyone can put together – no butter necessary. (You can adapt this to feed more people)…

1 avocado

4 pieces of streaky bacon

1 slice of bread (I used wholemeal)

Just cut up the avocado and distribute on the toast, sprinkle a tiny amount of salt and pepper, use a fork to mash it up and then place the crispy bacon on top – & voilĂ !



Nutritious and delicious.

What do you eat in the morning?

I’m interested to find out more ways to make breakfast exciting 🙂


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Brother and Bones, Scala London

Last week I headed to London to see Brother and Bones.

If you haven’t heard of them, then this post is a real treat for your ears (and eyes).


The five-piece London based band (who have Cornish roots) are doing incredibly well, with a radio interview and performance for Dermot O’Leary’s Radio 2 show in the bag and are currently on a European tour – they even have 3 support dates with Bastille on their return. These guys are unstoppable.

Last Wednesday my friends and I travelled over to the venue Scala, near Kings Cross, and enjoyed a 90 minute set of alt rock/acoustic goodness. I’ll let the music and images do most of the talking…

BaB gig


They opened up with ‘Raining Stone‘, a perfect choice to get the crowd warmed up.

After singing Happy Birthday to lead vocalist Rich Thomas, they played one of my favourites, ‘For All We Know’, an easy one to sing along to (and have stuck in your head for days).

One of the highlights for me was a beautiful acoustic performance of ‘Gold and Silver’…and ladies, I’m sure you’ll agree that Rich’s voice is enough to make you go weak at the knees.

One thing I discovered from the gig was how dedicated and passionate Brother and Bones fans are – it was as if they had come to see a band at the level of Kings of Leon, for example. They knew all the lyrics, and there was limited moshing (great for those like me who hate being pushed around and smacked around the crowd).

The band had the entire crowd singing along to the majority of songs, even having everyone chanting for an encore at the end. I had an amazing time, with (dare I say it) this gig being one of the best gigs I’ve been to (good company also essential – thanks Tilda & Esme!)

I’ve actually been re-living the gig in my mind quite a bit since, and I’m sure after watching their videos and listening to their awesome music you’ll be booking tickets to see them soon too.

For more information, check out their website and YouTube channel.

Until the next gig…


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Seventeen ‘Brow’s That’ Brow Kit

Cara Delevingne has truly put eyebrows back on the map.


Everybody wants a ‘Cara’ brow, and now you can without spending a fortune. Introducing, Seventeen’s ‘Brow’s that!‘ brow kit – for only ÂŁ6!



02afdbea2819e34a69ce4685b229f698There are three steps to perfecting the brow:

1. Dip the brush into the soft wax, and use long strokes to shape and define your current brows.

2. Then take the same brush and apply the setting powder to your brows.

3. Using your fingertips, apply some highlighter to just below the brow bone.


As you can see below, the results are natural with a bold and more sculpted shape to them – and it literally take 2 minutes to perfect. The kit also comes with a pencil (which I have not used), so if you are after a stronger brow then you could also use the pencil to add more definition.


Would you try this bargain brow kit out?


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Palm & Sole Facial Scrub & Solid Moisturiser | The Review

It’s not often that I receive things in the post that I get excited about (I’ve cut my online spending habits in half, & I’m surprised Amazon even knows who I am anymore…) but when I was sent this beauty bundle last month I knew my skin was about to thank me.


Palm & Sole is an innovative skincare brand that allow you to adapt each product to your own needs. All of the products in the collection are natural and individually hand made & blended – so no parabens, fragrances or synthetic colouring etc are used in the process here (I wrote a blog post regarding skincare ingredients to avoid here). Even the packaging is Eco-friendly – Designer and drugstore brands, take note.

The ethos behind Palm & Sole is brilliant, putting great emphasis on the consumer’s control over how the products are used. By allowing us to choose how we use each product it makes the whole application process much more interesting and fun, it shouldn’t feel like a chore. I have always linked skincare with nourishment and luxury, the balance of feeling good on the inside and looking healthy and radiant on the outside, and these products do just the job. 

Palm & Sole is about embracing life and raising awareness of how we are connecting skin, body & emotions so we know what will help us feel fabulous in our own skin. Whatever your age, beauty needs or body shape, celebrate all that you are and all you can be with Palm & Sole.

– Kathy Webb, Creator

The lovely Kathy sent me two products, the first one being a freshly blended Honey and Lemon facial scrub.


I usually swear by Simple’s Clear Skin Oil Balancing Facial Scrub but those days are now long gone – this honey & lemon scrub takes first place. There is something really satisfying about using natural products with no nasty chemicals inside it, almost like eating a slice of chocolate cake without all the artificial colours and preservatives – guilt-free.

When you first take it’s lid off, the sweet scent of honey straight away makes you aware how natural this product is, as with other creams and scrubs there is usually a fragrance to them. The lemon compliments the honey well, balancing out the sweetness to make the scent more ‘fresh’.

I apply the scrub onto damp, clean skin and gently massage it in small, upward motions all over my face. I leave it on for a minute before rinsing it off with warm water. I like to use a light application of moisturiser afterwards too (depending on how dry my skin is that day).



My skin was really dry and looked lifeless before using the scrub, but within a few hours of application my skin felt smooth and looked more radiant. With the improvement on my complexion already, I’m excited to continue trying this product out.

I’d like to point out that the Honey & Lemon Facial Scrub is not part of the collection and was especially hand blended for my specific requirements as it is an ‘I-Me-Mine’ product, backing up the ethos of making the product unique to each individuals needs. This means that the scrub was tailored to my skin type, great for those like me who have sensitive skin. For more information on this specific product, check out the Palm & Sole website at the end of next month.

The second product Kathy sent over was a solid oil moisturiser, something I haven’t tried before so I was looking forward to testing it out.


This solid oil can be used to massage hands, feet, arms etc and helps any dry patches you may have – you can even use it on the ends of your hair (I had doubts when I initially tried this out, but it works wonders!). The powerful aroma of the rose oil was the first thing that hit me when I opened the lid, smelling fresh and made me feel relaxed. For those of you who are not a fan of the rose scent and may be put off by this, there is only a subtle smell once applied to the skin and fades fairly quickly.

I was amazed at how it softened so quickly just by holding it, as it reacted to the warmth of the palm of my hands. The solid oil glides over the skin beautifully, and I found a little goes a long way.


I first applied it to my hands, and as I don’t tend to use hand cream on a regular basis it felt good to give them a bit of nourishment, particularly the cuticle area as I find my skin gets quite dry due to my nail polish addiction (guilty as charged!) I then applied it to areas of my neck, elbows and my heels, as this is where I suffer most with dry patches. 

My favourite thing about this product is how it dries back into a solid after returning it back into the cool pot – perfect for travelling (because nobody wants to have a ‘major shampoo and moisturiser explosion’ like Ross in Friends, right? If you’re not sure what I’m going on about, click here)

If you are interested in the ‘I-Me-Mine’ Facial Scrub or the Solid Oil Moisturiser, or would just like more information about Palm & Sole and their other products, please head over to for more information 🙂

Have you tried solid oil moisturisers before?


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