I’ve been collecting books for as long as I can remember. Even if I don’t pick them up for months, years, I know they’ll have a purpose one day. I’m guilty of choosing to scroll through Instagram over a relaxing read in bed which is why coffee table books have become a new favourite.  As we’ve just moved into our new home, we’ve added a couple of new books to our collection and it’s inspired me to share our current favourites – particularly for those like me who need to scroll less…

As I wrote this, the lighting in our lounge was poor so I brought the books upstairs to our office/spare room. They have now returned back to their rightful place downstairs.

Audrey, The 60s

I picked this hardback up from HomeSense a couple of years ago in the sale, down to £5 or £6 from £20. I will never tire of flicking through it. From the most beautiful photographs of the icon to quotes written by her friends and co-workers, this book sits perfectly on the coffee table. I usually pick it up as I’m drinking my coffee on a Saturday morning, total bliss.

Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton

If like me, you’ve been following this fascinating series on Facebook over the last few years, then you need this book in your life. Dan actually bought this recently and I’m sure it’s something that our guests will want to pick up and read when they visit. It’s a talking point that will spark conversation,  every coffee table needs a book like this.

Beaches by Gray Malin

I’ve admired his work for years and he is one of my favourite photographers of this decade. You may recognise Gray Malin for his iconic aerial shots of the most stunning coastlines around the world, as he hangs out of a helicopter to capture these awe-inspiring images. It’s essentially a picture book with a few words, but for someone with a passion for photography (and beach holidays) this is a perfect coffee table read. Dan actually surprised me with this book which makes it even more special.

National Geographic, The Photographs

Another book that Dan picked up for just £3, this is a colourful spread of National Geographic magazine’s ‘best and most memorable photographs of the last 25 years’. Unlike the other three books on the coffee table this one is much smaller, but still packs in an abundance of captivating imagery with facts alongside.

Just add a candle or two, a stack of cute coasters and maybe a short vase with your favourite blooms to decorate.

We already have plans on adding to the collection and I’ve just eyed up Gray Malin’s new book that’s out in a few months…

What coffee table reads would you like to see?

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