I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to visit Fat Toni’s Pizzeria in Cheltenham.

You may have heard the rumours, and today I can confirm that the rumours are all true. Fat Toni’s is the daddy of pizza. A slice of Italy in your mouth. My new favourite eating spot in town.

I’m not sure if it was the glorious sunshine or our rumbling stomachs that inspired our spontaneous visit, but it contributed to the best afternoon we’ve had in a while. It also confirms that I’ve found my perfect man, as it was his suggestion! Pizza is definitely the way to my heart…

I say spontaneous, we had spoke about it last night with friends who recommended a visit but we didn’t think we would be making that trip so soon! It felt like an old-school pizzeria from the moment we stepped through the door, particularly as they make the pizza by the window to entice passers-by (which clearly works).

Fresh and authentic, Fat Toni’s stands out tall amongst the pizza chain giants in town and I was confident that I would not be disappointed.

Fat Toni’s is passionate about fresh, ethically sourced, sustainable food sources.

We are championing the concept of high quality takeaway food and bringing it to your doorstep.

Sharing, Talking, Laughing, Eating.

These actions are some of the oldest foundations of Italian family food culture. They are also the core principles by which we run Fat Toni’s.

If you’re as passionate about food as we are, you’ll love it.

There are several options to suit all. A large was recommended and could be cut into halves, thirds or quarters.
Perfect if you’re indecisive like me!
With so many pizza’s to choose from (I’ll leave the menu here for you to peruse), we finally whittled our options down to 3.

The Iberian
mozzarella, tomato sauce, spiced chicken bocconcini, chorizo, olives and roast piquello peppers

Speck e Mascarpone
mozzarella, tomato sauce, speck smoked ham and mozzarella

Noah’s Arc
mozzarella, tomato sauce, proscuitto cotto ham, fat toni’s meatballs, pepperoni, spiced chicken bocconvini, chorizo and caramelised onions

I kid you not, for the first few mouthfuls I thought I had time travelled back to my last trip to Italy. I haven’t tasted pizza like it in the UK. From the crispy crust to the sweet peppers and creamy mascarpone, it is the best pizza I’ve eaten in a very long time (only closely rivalled by ones I’ve had in Italy and New York).

Side Note…

We’re such lucky bugs to live somewhere like Cheltenham. With so much to offer on our doorstep and delicious dining spots like Fat Toni’s around the corner, I really want to start sharing more snippets of what the Cotswolds have to offer. Throwing it back to when I first started my blog and simply created content for the love of what I experienced. Of course I love and appreciate the invitations I get and opportunities that are sent my way, but they will never be the reason why I do this. The foundation of this blog is my passion for capturing what I love through words and imagery, and I’m excited about what else I can do on this platform to help inspire others – even if it is just helping someone pick what pizza place to go for dinner!

Back to Toni’s…

For a large pizza and a couple of drinks, it cost us about £30, which I don’t think is too shabby for what you get. Quality food, a relaxed dining experience (it would make a great date spot) – and it doesn’t leave you feeling guilty after you’ve consumed a few large slices! You can also take leftovers away with you, which is what I did (any guesses for what I’m having for supper tonight?!)

Basically, if you like pizza you’ll love Fat Toni’s Pizzeria in Cheltenham.

You can find out more on their website here, and check out their takeaway menu too.
Let me know if you do pop in – I’d love to hear recommendations for what pizza’s to try next time we visit!

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