Why I Stopped Blogging This Summer

I’ve spent a long time debating the reasons why I stopped blogging this summer. I was given some incredible opportunities for the first six months or so of the year and then I suddenly got struck down with imposter syndrome. My motivation and inspiration went from one hundred to zero and I found myself feeling like a fraud. I felt like I didn’t ‘fit in’ online and anything I posted didn’t seem to have a purpose. I know that I’m not the only one to have experienced this, and I certainly won’t be the last. So here I am, back on my corner of the blogosphere typing up my thoughts in the hope that it may help some of you. 

Six Years Later

I can’t quite believe it’s been six whole years since I sat down and wrote the first post on this little corner of the blogosphere. Not only have I grown up in that time, but the blog has certainly changed too. From signing off each post with my initials and an ‘xo’ (back when it was popular to put an ‘xo’ at the end of usernames and signing off messages) to going self-hosted and totally winging it with very little help. This platform has always been my go-to space to visit on good days and bad. It’s got me through a lot, which is why this post is more of a ‘thank you’ for sticking with me throughout this time. Six years later and I’m still sat here at my laptop creating content for this small corner of the internet because quite frankly, I can’t imagine my life without it now.

So, to mark 280 posts I thought I would delve into the archives and share with you some of my favourite posts (for new readers and those of you who have been with me for the long haul). Here’s to the next 6 + years…

How To Be More Mindful this Christmas

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down to write something that isn’t about a new restaurant local event, as much as I enjoy creating that type of content. With only 5 sleeps to go and still time to share some last minute gift inspiration, here are a few ideas for how to be more mindful this Christmas.

Taking a Leap of Faith

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about change. Perhaps the hot weather has got to me and I’m over-thinking things, but I do believe change can be good. Taking a leap of faith can be daunting but maybe it’s the best thing you can do for yourself. You can spend a long time thinking about it yet it never feels quite right, but let me tell you why now is the perfect time…

Current Coffee Table Reads

I’ve been collecting books for as long as I can remember. Even if I don’t pick them up for months, years, I know they’ll have a purpose one day. I’m guilty of choosing to scroll through Instagram over a relaxing read in bed which is why coffee table books have become a new favourite.  As we’ve just moved into our new home, we’ve added a couple of new books to our collection and it’s inspired me to share our current favourites – particularly for those like me who need to scroll less…

Back Where I Belong

Hello! I’m back where I belong – on the blog and creating content again.

The last few months of my life have been an adventure. The best few months of my life, in fact. After unintentionally taking some time out to immerse myself in living in the moment and not feeling the need to document experiences and thoughts for the blog, I’m ready to return to my little corner of the internet and kick off a new year with fresh new content.

Are you ready?

My Most Worn Pieces: Georgina Bywater Jewellery

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what to share on the blog. With a few foodie posts written, I thought it was about time I mentioned a few of my current favourite fashion pieces, especially as I’ve been quite ‘spendy’ lately. My most worn pieces have mostly involved wearing three items from Georgina Bywater Jewellery – not surprising to many of you who follow me on Instagram. Take a look for yourself at how beautiful the pieces are – and it’s a local Cotswold business too!

How I Deal With Anxiety

Recently life has got a lot busier, what with work stepping up a gear or two and then deciding that I would hold a fundraising event in six weeks with no budget (more on that later). My favourite corner of the internet has had to take a back seat for a number of reasons, but as it’s always been my online sanctuary where I can reflect and share experiences, I thought that perhaps it’s about time I talk about something a little more personal.

How I deal with anxiety.

Pinterest Inspired: Wall Art


Like millions of others out there, I am obsessed with Pinterest.

Whether I’m looking for recipe inspiration or need some help choosing what to wear, there is something for everyone and you can pin your favourites to your own boards. If you follow me on the popular social media site (@thatgirlk8) then you will already know I can get a little carried away at tapping on the red button and liking most things in sight – I love being inspired by other people’s creations! One trend that seems to be popular is D.I.Y wall art, something I can’t get enough of!

Before I get on and tell you about the point of this post, I want to share something I did over Easter that may help or inspire some of you to try out. Want to frame those Instagram prints but don’t have a square frame? Then this could be the perfect solution.

What you will need

A selection of photo frames

Gift wrap

Photographs and/or prints


 I decided to use some pretty patterned wrapping paper (mine are from Next and Sainsburys) and used it as a background to my photos. Simply place the back of the frame onto the paper, creating a stencil to draw around, and cut the shape out. Once you have your photograph, stick a small piece of Blu-Tack on the back to keep it in place and position it back into the frame. A super quick and easy way to create your first piece of wall art – I particularly liked the lipstick patterned paper so I used it as a stand alone print for one of the frames.



If you don’t want to put up photographs then places like Homesense are fantastic for their selection of arts and craft supplies. I couldn’t believe my luck when I spotted this set of gallery art prints! With a few to choose from I picked up the pastel and gold Isn’t She Lovely pack, which was my initial vision for my wall art. It comes with a selection of different sized prints and also a guide for creating wall art in several ways, a great idea if you need a little bit of inspiration.

I chose a couple of prints that I thought would look perfect next to my other Homesense frames, and once my prints were set in frames I then began to lay them all out on my bed. Take your time with arranging them into place, I spent ages trying to work out which frame should go where and even once I had a couple of frames on the wall I had to make some changes.



It’s always helpful to have someone with you when doing this process as they can be your second eye, and I think it’s good to get a second opinion before drilling holes into the wall! I stuck some white stickers to help guide me where to drill the hole and this helped a lot, as I did end up changing a couple of frames around before making a final decision.

Once you have the first three of four frames up you start to get a sense of your vision and how it is going to turn out. Keeping it simple on a similar colour palette works best in my opinion, but make it mirror your personality and creativity. I am partial to a good quote and the zebra print just makes me smile (an animal with flowers in it’s hair? So cute).


And here is the finished design! 

I’m so happy with how it has turned out, and I plan on adding a couple of smaller frames at some stage. I had a lot of fun choosing the prints (I still have a few I’m eager to use) and just being a little bit creative has got me in the mood for more DIY projects…


Have you been inspired to create your own wall art? Let me know in the comments 🙂


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