As someone who has a passion for photography I’m forever searching for new ways to capture and share memories offline. Not stored on my phone or on my camera, but printed for friends and family to see. With so many photos from our recent trip to New York and little time to do much with them, Dan and I opted for a photo book. I’m excited to share why creating memories with Bonusprint is my new obsession and why you should try it too…

Photos taken on the Google Pixel

I used to be the person who would print off photos every month or two, filing them into photo albums and scrapbooks for friends and family to see. This was back in the ‘Myspace days’ when sharing photos was less about the aesthetic and more about the angles. Nobody cared back when I was a teen about perfectly positioned plates of food. Nor did anyone care about flat lays or hashtags, but I digress. I have umpteen amounts of photo albums stored at my parents house, full to the brim of memories that one day I’m sure I will show the grandkids. Until then, I’m keen to share my memories in new and interesting ways that won’t bore the socks off my friends and family.

Enter, Bonusprint.

Bonusprint allows you to, as they perfectly put it, ‘do something with your photos’. All you have to do is pick the size, choose your cover image and then download the online or offline Creator Tool to get started.

Whether you want to share travel content, personal memories or create a portfolio for work, the options are endless.

Dan and I both carefully selected photos we took on our cameras and Google Pixel phones to put together a unique collection of prints in one book. Whilst Dan opted for a large portrait book I went with the large landscape design, but there is a square option too. Bonusprint also allows you to opt in or out of glossy pages, whether you want a front and back cover image and even the type of bind. The book starts with a standard 24 pages but you can add more in for a small cost.

You can drag and drop images to where you want them to be, add text and icons from the clipart gallery and change your design as many times as you like. They provide templates if you need some inspiration but can easily be moved or erased.

I love just how much it allows you to customise it to exactly how you want it to be.

As fun and personal as it is creating a scrapbook of memories, it can become time consuming and expensive. Creating a photo book like this is still personal but professional too, perfect for gift giving and adding to your coffee table book collection.

We each spent a few evenings on and off (thanks to the offline tool) updating our photo books, keeping it a secret from each other so there was an element of surprise when they arrived through the letterbox. As soon as we held the books in our hands, we were totally impressed. Not just by the quality but also because we had both created something that we can look back on for years to come. It’s something special that I can’t help but want to share with everyone who visits our home. I’m already keen to start my next one!

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