I never thought I’d see the day where I would switch my iPhone to an Android. The Google Pixel won my heart earlier this year, a few weeks after my partner had also made the change.  The camera is phenomenal! 2018 has brought many changes to my life so I thought, “why not make another change?”

Read on to find out why the Google Pixel really is a game changer for me…

Location: Woodchester Park, Gloucestershire
All of these photos are unedited to give a true picture of what the camera can do.

Behind the change…

Cutting the long story short, my boyfriend switched from the iPhone 6s Plus to the Google Pixel back in December and hasn’t looked back since. From the moment he took this photo (see below), it was a no brainer that I too would make the change from Apple to Google as soon as my contract was up.

I mean, look at the detail?! Completely unedited (spot the ring light).

It’s easy to become attached to something if you know nothing else. Only with chance can you see how change is not always a bad thing.

As a blogger, I rely on my phone to capture moments that my Sony a5000a cannot. It’s not that my camera is particularly big or weighty, but on occasion I don’t want to be seen as ‘that person’ who takes shots of their breakfast, lunch or dinner from every angle. I try and stay as low key as possible in these situations so taking my phone out to take photos is quicker and less conspicuous.

When my contract came to an end, I had two choices. I either stuck by the iPhone and upgraded to a newer model, or I switched to the Google Pixel. Now, the Google Pixel 2 is only available through EE, Vodaphone and O2 (purchased through Carphone Warehouse) so I tried to take out a contract with EE. There were a few obstacles along the way so I had to stick with my iPhone 6 but my Three contract was halved – silver lining I guess. Luckily Dan was able to upgrade to the Google Pixel 2 a couple of weeks later so passed on his Google Pixel to little old me!

If you’re familiar with Google and the way the apps operate, there’s not much of a difference. One of the struggles I had with the iPhone 6 was storage. With only 16GB of storage, I was limited to how many images I could store and became increasingly frustrated by these restrictions. The Google Pixel, however, offers UNLIMITED storage! Guys, this is perfect for anyone with a passion for photography. Every photo is automatically uploaded to your Google Photos, so when you sign in on your laptop/computer you’ll see your collection of images ready to download/share.

I could chat for hours about all the other features but as I switched primarily for the camera, I really wanted to share a few photos I’ve taken to showcase how good the Google Pixel is – and a reminder for why you should never be afraid to make a change.

We took a road trip to Woodchester Park yesterday for a beautiful stroll in the woods, to clear the cobwebs and recharge the batteries after a long week.

The transition between the iPhone 6 to the Google Pixel was smooth sailing, aside from not being able to download backed up chats on WhatsApp. Initial panic set in, but the phone pros outweigh the cons in my eyes and I opted to see this minor flaw as a new start. All my other apps synced without a hitch and I’m enjoying learning more about it each day.  

I’m #TeamPixel. Are you?

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